Anyone can set up a social media channel.  Are you ready to get results?

  • Do you need help developing a social media strategy that fits your business?

  • Do you want to learn how to use a particular social media platform effectively for your business?

  • Do you want access to an expert who can make sure you are up to with the latest social media changes?


Instead of spending your spare time trying to stay on top of the ever-changing social environment, take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the team at Its Virtually Done. Our coaching can fast-track your results.


We know how to make social media work for small businesses.  Our philosophy of continuous education means we’re on the cutting edge of the latest developments, trends and tools available.



We can help you create a customised plan for how you are going to use social media to achieve your business goals.

Through a customised coaching session, you will receive:

  • an analysis of your current metrics, strategy, tools and resources

  • audit your existing accounts to look for improvements

  • guidance on which social media channel you should focus on for your brand

  • a customised, strategic social media plan for your business

  • recommendations on where, when, how often, and what to post on social media

  • answer questions about content, conversions and engagement

  • teach you to use social media as a customer service tool

  • resources: a list of tools you can use to execute your social strategy more efficiently


One-to-one training will help you:

  • plan your social media content ahead of time

  • strategise on how to use different social media platforms to drive business goals

  • execute a sound social media strategy more efficiently

  • grow your confidence in content creation and analytical analysis


How a social media coach helps you will depend on where you are in the process and what your needs are. That’s really the main point of a coach: having someone who can give you a personalised, expert opinion and advice on things.

If you are seeking a social media coach or have questions about the coaching process, contact us today!

How does it work?

We believe in making social media marketing stress-free (effective) with the right tools and guidance.

Are you ready to see the impact?

Now is the time to invest in your business.  Take the first step - get in touch today!