Why is Social Media a Business' Best Friend?

In a world where Social Media is sometimes abused, you may occasionally wonder if it is essential for your business. Is it the best way to market your business …or could it possibly be harmful to it?

Well, take it from us. Social Media is the fastest growing and most successful form of marketing and should never be seen to be your enemy. Some have made some mistakes, and Social Media may have hurt their reputation, but in the hands of the experts, Social Media is a business’ best friend!

There are many reasons that this can be said, but to explain it in simple terms, here are just a few of the best of them.

You connect – and don’t sell!

Generation Z- yep that’s the ones after the Millennials, the teenagers of today, who have been raised on Social Media, will tell you they don’t like to be sold to – and for that matter neither does anyone else. The great thing about Social Media is that it is a place where people and businesses make real, meaningful connections. You don’t have to sell to people here; you do what great networkers do…

…you build relationships

You build relationships by engaging with people. By writing blogs and posting short thought pieces, or through visual content (short videos), you give people something – useful advice; adding value. This advice is indirectly, or sometimes directly, telling people about your business or service, and if they appreciate the advice you gain their trust - and usually as a result of this…

…you drive people to your website

People will come to your website to see more and there, with a website that is attractive and tells people how you help them, you can now sell them something. You may offer them a free E-book as well, giving more advice and asking only for their e-mail addresses in return, thereby building a vast database of interested customers.

Build your brand and maximise your marketing spend

As you can see, by simply engaging; you have captured new customers or clients online. Using the skills of Its Virtually Done you begin to find out where your opposition and you are succeeding or failing - and with a brilliant marketing strategy, we make sure that you are engaging in all the right places and maximising your marketing spend.

It’s not rocket science, but it does take some expertise and acquired skill, so contact us to learn more and ensure that, starting today, Social Media is always your business’ best friend!

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