What are the Benefits of Google Alerts and 3 Steps to how you can set them up?

Google Alerts are free notifications from Google, letting you know when certain keywords are mentioned on social media, the web, blogs and online discussion forums. They let you continuously monitor Google results for a specific word or term that you set up. You will receive emails whenever Google finds new results.

Google Alerts helps you stay on top of things without you having to spend numerous hours searching around the internet.

Benefits of Google Alerts:

It helps you:

  • Monitor your business reviews and mentions.

  • Find unique blog topic ideas; it shows you what others are writing on your specific keywords.

  • Know who your top customers are and get more business opportunities

  • Track local news and content

  • Get information in real-time; you will get information according to your preferred alert frequency.

  • Get product ideas; it can help you track the latest trends and products in the marketplace.

How to Set Up Google Alerts

Step 1. Create Your First Google Alert

First, sign in to your Google account, then go to google.com/alerts.

You'll see the Google alerts homepage, where you can type in the search term (keyword) you want to use for your alert.

Next, click the Create Alert button. You will see your alert listed like this:

That is it! You have set up a Google Alert.

Step 2. Edit Your Google Alert

To edit your Google Alert, you need to click the pencil icon next to it. This lets you change the default settings.

(You can also access these settings when creating the alert by clicking the "Show options" link you would have seen just before clicking the create alert button.)

The different options you can choose from are as follows:

  • How often you receive a Google Alert:

  • As-it-happens

  • At most once a day

  • At most once a week

  • Sources for your alerts:

  • Automatic

  • Blogs

  • News

  • Web

  • Videos

  • Books

  • Discussions

  • Finance

  • Language: Most languages are available

  • Region: Most regions are available

  • How many:

  • Only the best results

  • All results

  • Deliver to:

  • Your email address

  • RSS feed

Step 3. Set Up More Google Alerts

You can continue to set up as many alerts as you want. You will see these listed on your Google Alerts homepage:

You already know how to set a Google Alert from Step 1, so repeat that process. You may want to set Google Alerts for things like:

  • Your name

  • Your brand name

  • Your competitors' brand names

  • Your product name(s)

  • Your service name(s)

  • Key topics you write about

Your alerts will arrive in your inbox like this:

If it is a term or keyword used often, you will have a long list of results. If you have multiple results, these will be divided into sections, such as "News" and "Web".

Each alert will include the article's title and feature a short extract to help give you more perspective around the mention. You can click on the title of an individual clip to view the full content.

Do not worry if you are not sure what keywords to track or what settings to use. Just set up alerts for your brand name, then go from there.

If you require assistance with setting up your Google Alerts, It's Virtually Done will be able to help you; send us an e-mail or give us a call on 083 395 0953.

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