Tips to Improve your Facebook Organic Reach

Social media has changed the way brands market their products & services online. It is every marketer’s goal to increase their organic reach on Facebook. Facebook is a growing, massively successful, and never to be ignored platform when it comes to Social Media Marketing. It is one of the largest social media platforms, and Facebook is the place for your brand to have a strong social media presence mainly because it’s where everybody is, including your target audience.

What is Organic Facebook reach?

Organic Facebook reach is the number of people who get exposed to your content without adverts or any paid distribution. Sponsored stories and promotional posts come under paid reach.

Many brands today try to depend on Facebook organic reach, creating a detailed marketing strategy to ensure they succeed. However, to their disappointment, they don’t see the results they want to see after posting content to their Facebook page. Even after putting in real effort to create and share great content, there is not much traffic to report nor engagement.

When this happens, businesses sometimes rethink their Facebook marketing strategy or think that their audience does not like their content. But it is more than that. It is not timing or content; it is just Facebook’s organic reach. Gone are the days when you could post content on your Facebook page and get most of your audience to see it.

With Facebook’s ever-changing organic reach and the algorithm, brands are finding it more challenging to reach their target audience. An analysis was carried out by social@Ogilvy and they discovered than an average Facebook organic reach of content published was a mere 6%.

Tip 1: Engaging Content – Engaging content is anything that provides value to the lives of your prospects, customers or community members. It does not have to be elaborate; it merely needs to be valuable. It gives your reader a peek at something he or she hasn’t seen before but can relate to in some way.

Tip 2: Native Video content – Video content that is uploaded directly to (or created on) a social network and played in-feed on that platform. Native video content is steadily on the rise on Facebook and is known for helping create real engagement, which is why many brands are trying to focus on it. So if you want to increase engagement and boost your Facebook organic reach, it’s time to add videos to your social media content strategy.

But do make sure that you are not creating videos you need stellar content for positive long-term results.

Tip 3: Facebook Live – If you are a business that wants to grow its presence on Facebook, you cannot ignore the power of Facebook Live. Facebook Live was launched in April 2016 and has since then; it has successfully helped many businesses connect to their followers at a much higher level than other types of content. Facebook Live can help you get high engagement, which can equal better Facebook organic reach.

Tip 4: Choose Quality Content over Quantity – Due to the increasing competition in the social media field, brands are endeavouring to produce more content than ever. In the early days when Facebook was not as popular as it is today, posting more content helped you get more views. However, it does not work as well today. Putting quantity over quality is not a smart strategy.

You need to think differently than your competition in terms of when and how you post your content. You need to focus more on publishing quality content less often so that it gets seen more. This mindset is opposite to what everybody’s trying to do, which is why it works.

Only share the best and most relevant content with your followers when it’s available.

You cannot take a blanket approach today and win with Facebook marketing. Instead, you have to change your focus to posting only high-quality content, even if it means posting less often.

We hope that the tips we have given you will ensure that you are sharing some of your best content, so you can start building a loyal following. If you have found some different tips or have a strategy that works for you, please share, we love to hear from our subscribers.

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