Social Media platforms that best build your brand

It stands to reason that if your business is to attempt to sell your products or services, or ultimately build your brand on social media, you need to choose the right platforms to do so.

These are the ‘top six’ of the platforms that are available to you, and each has its unique benefits and possible pitfalls about exactly what your marketing is trying to achieve.


By its sheer size, with an audience bigger than the population of China, Facebook appears to be a no brainer and in many cases is. It may not be right to introduce new business though because of this size but works well if you are looking to build brand loyalty and a way to keep in touch with dedicated clients.


Generally used by an older audience of serious business people, or those looking to get ‘headhunted,’ this is a must for any business looking for the best dedicated ‘B2B’ platform. It is also the best place to post business based articles and professional profiles.


Accessible by anyone, Youtube, with a billion followers is by far the most significant visual medium and therefore is particularly valuable to those wishing to give advice or build their brand visually. Also known as ‘Vlogging,’ visual communication is powerful and effective – especially if you can afford to have it professionally done.


Because it is so instantaneous, Twitter is a great platform on which to build new brand awareness. It is often also used to provide real-time updates, so many brands combine Twitter with offline communication, such as events announcements.


Instagram is said to be the fastest-growing platform amongst the young, so should not be ignored by those willing to use its predominantly photo-based format to spread messages to them. A favourite with visual businesses, like beauty, art, food and retail, Instagram is useful for generating leads because your reach is more extensive than, for example, Facebook, which is just too busy.


Pinterest is a great favourite amongst the ladies and those businesses selling ladies products must seriously consider this platform. The format is also picture-based. Recipes, designs, clothing etc. are all promoted here.

But …there’s more to it

We hope this article on SM platforms that best build your brand has been helpful. We are always on the lookout for ways to assist our clients and potential clients in being more knowledgeable about the marketing they do on Social media.

Businesses need to understand that the choice of platforms is just one aspect of correct Social Media marketing. Other important considerations, identifying your audience, defining your goals and finding what platforms your audience is on, all play a vital role in making the right choices.

If you are not sure what platforms to choose to communicate with your target audience, it might be best to partner with experts in Social Media Marketing who will be able to help you set up the correct platforms. It’s Virtually Done would love to assist you with your online journey. Our vision, is that we are committed to helping businesses find their brand voice, social identity and engage with their followers online.

We cannot do this without identifying all the factors as stated above and so we have become extremely knowledgeable in this area. Contact us and let’s start creating a strategy to ensure your brand is not only seen in the right places but stands head and shoulders above the rest!

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