Social Media Coaching – for those who like DIY marketing

We all have had to learn to do a lot during this time of the pandemic, and as we phase out of lockdown we will have learnt some new skills. One such skill could be Social Media Marketing as one can learn to do this too very effectively with some expert Social Media Coaching.

What is a social media coach?

A Social Media Coach is someone that will show you the ropes when it comes to understanding and executing your own Social Media marketing. This is ideally done on a one on one basis to give you personalised attention and work with you at your own pace.

How a social media coach helps you is by looking at where you are with your Social Media marketing and assess what your needs are. That’s really the main point of a coach: having someone who can give you personalised, expert opinion and good advice.

A coach who works in this way can teach you how you plan your social media content ahead of time and strategise with you on how to use different social media platforms to drive your business goals. Once you have had some effective coaching you will see that you can work out your own media strategy, confidently create content and do analytical analysis.

What can you learn?

What you can learn through one well-structured Social Media Coaching program is quite staggering. Social Media Marketing can be a complex business, but you can grasp it once your coach has taught you to:

  • do an analysis of your current metrics, strategy, tools and resources

  • audit your existing accounts to look for improvements

  • know which social media channel you should focus on for your brand

  • devise a customised, strategic social media plan for your business

  • know where, when, how often, and what to post on social media

  • answer questions about content, conversions and engagement

  • use social media as a customer service tool

  • use a list of tools to execute your social strategy more efficiently

How can a social media coach help during this time?

One of the main reasons our clients at It’s Virtually Done utilise our Social Media marketing services is that they simply don’t have time to do what we can or have any real understanding of how social media works. Right now, however, many of our clients, through necessity, are gaining a better understanding of Social Media and have the time to embark on this type of course.

Even if you still need us to continue to devise and manage your Social Media marketing strategies post COVID-19, a coaching course like this can give you far better insight into how your marketing strategy works and give you the skills to work more closely with us.

Contact us to now learn more about our Social Media Coaching and remember that there is simply no better time to invest in your own online business skills than right now! – Keep safe.

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