How to handle your Social Media Marketing during the COVID- 19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 virus has left many business owners questioning the future. It’s important to keep everyone safe and healthy, but you also need to protect your livelihood to get through a recession. While the journey may not be easy, it provides an opportunity to change up your usual marketing tactics and reconnect with customers while being a leader for your employees. Social media marketing presents a simple, effective way to keep that connection and show up for your local community.

As people are forced to stay inside and practise social distancing, they are looking for ways to stay connected to others, and social media is filling that void. This is actually a time that Social Media can be used to your business’ great advantage as many of the large brands are finding out. Some are also finding out however that it is a time for sensitivity as opposed to hard sell.

Great advantages can be had at this time when COVID-19 has forced many people all over the world into total lockdown, because lockdown doesn’t meet shut down, but it does mean ‘handle with care!’

You marketing messages and in fact, possibly your whole campaign needs to have a different ring and tone, but how exactly do you do that? Here are a few tips to help you to maximise the opportunity and build some good business relationships, in spite of the challenges we face.

Understand your brand

As this is a time to help people – think about what your brand can do to give the best help and advice at a time like this. A travel company, for example, cannot just carry on selling packages but could think of great ways for people in lockdown to still be involved with travel – through pictures games and planning their next holiday. Get the picture?

Keep abreast of the times

This is a time when you need to change tactics and your messages literally day by day. So much is happening so fast and you need to stay informed to be helpful. If you write an article on jogging just before the lockdown, don’t publish it now - It could just irritate people because they can’t do it, but think of fun ways the family could stay fit indoors and post that article.

Don’t be a prophet of doom

This is not a time for insurance companies to talk about selling life policies. Don’t put out messages of doom and gloom. If anything, keep things as light as possible. Having said that, be sensitive to humorous messages too, as humour can so easily offend. Remember Social Media reaches everyone!

Work on service and support as opposed to selling

Right now many of your clients, or potential customers, maybe in a very different mood and it could be one of worry and stress. Many people face extremely difficult times ahead, even after the lockdown, so just offer great service and support. Try to get feedback from people about what they are facing and see if you can help.

Get help and advice from Social Media experts

We sincerely hope this has been helpful to you and your business. After all, this is not a time to throw in the towel, but to engage with people. There are a far greater number of businesses operating online than there have ever been before, so use this to your advantage.

At It’s Virtually Done we have for many years been dealing with maximising your social media reach even under the most trying circumstances. If we can help you now then please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us how. A conversation and some good advice cost nothing. We are there for you – so keep safe and handle your Social Media with care!

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