How SMEs can maximise Social Media marketing – part 2

We hope you have had a great start to the new decade. We decided to kick off the year with some solid advice for how SMEs can maximise Social Media marketing. Social Media Marketing is, after all, probably what is most important to those who want an excellent return for their marketing spend.

It is a big subject, so this is already the second part of a mini-series. In part one, we advised that you need to know your target market and engage with your audience regularly, but always with credibility. Don’t overdo your posting - be consistent, but spread different material across different platforms. Remember quality content is more important than quantity.

Let’s continue now with a few more essential considerations

Re-purposing content

As we have advised you to do a lot of original content, but diversify where you post it, remember to not use the same posts at the same time to different platforms. This can have a negative effect. It takes time and money to create content, though, so what you can do is save and learn to re-purpose your content. After some time, there is no harm in posting previously created content to different platforms as long as the message is still relevant.

Also remember that if you have planned it well, a series of articles (or blogs as they are better known on Social Media) can ultimately create an E-book. This used as a ‘give-away’ on your website, in exchange for e-mail addresses, can build a vast database!

Use some focused spend

Even small businesses can usually afford to spend a little money on advertising. In social media, there are opportunities like Facebook ads and Google AdWords. There are also opportunities to boost your posts quite cheaply.

The critical thing is that these opportunities are targeted, and this usually requires some input from Social Media marketing experts. The upside is that you don’t need a massive reach. As a small business, you are generally regional, so you can focus your spend on reaching just those within your immediate area.

Have a great website

Remember that your marketing campaign (or as we prefer to call it, your ‘relationship building’) is usually leading your prospective clients back to your website. There is little point in doing this if, when they get to your website, they are not enticed to stay and do business with you.

A web site should tell people how you can help them and why they should use you, as opposed to hundreds of other businesses. Is your website content doing that? Also, have informative articles and where possible useful ‘giveaways’ like the aforementioned ‘e-book’ to build your e-mail database.

Measure your success rate and outcomes

Many business people believe that anything that is not measurable is probably a waste of money and there is a lot of truth in that. In social media marketing, as with any form of marketing, it is essential to know the outcomes of your engagements and be able to measure the success of your advertising.

This is where partnering with Social Media marketing experts becomes essential, as this is not something some businesses can or care to do themselves.

It’s Virtually Done have, for many years, been not only advising and guiding fellow small businesses on how SMEs can maximise Social Media marketing but have the expertise and skills to monitor and measure their marketing efforts.

Contact us for every aspect of Social Media marketing, from coaching and training to handling your social media marketing campaign effectively and with the reassurance that together we can make this your most prosperous year ever!

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