How SMEs can maximise Social Media marketing – Part 1

Welcome to a new decade, a time we hope that you as a small to medium business will have all the success we are sure you deserve and that these articles may help you to do it.

We decided to kick off the year with some solid advice on how SMEs can maximise Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing is, after all, probably the most important criteria for those who want an excellent return for their marketing spend.

It is a big subject, so this is the first of a 2 part mini-series.

Know your market

To most effectively reach your target audience, you need to know who they are and which social media platforms they use. As we go into this decade, there are a myriad of Social Media platforms available and the obvious ones like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Pinterest and Instagram, while they may still currently be the biggest, are not the only ones.

It helps to be advised by Social Media marketing experts, but just one pretty solid tip is to look for where others (particularly the more prominent players) in your industry are focussing their efforts. Try to create campaigns that echo these, using your own voice and within your affordability. In business, it’s also always good to be talking to ‘like-minded’ professionals.

Be engaging – and always credible

Having established where you want to be most visible, you need to start now engaging with your audience. Create an identity through some visual form of recognition, like a strong logo, or visual ads when you can afford it.

The main thing though is to get chatting with your audience, via posts, articles, videos etc. Ask for their comments and opinions and encourage them to share your comments with others if they think that it would add value. Always respond when they do share, though, this is vital. Even complaints should always be handled tactfully and with respect. Credibility is critical in Social Media contact.

Be active and consistent – but not ‘in your face.’

Social Media Marketing is all about building relationships, and in marketing, as with relationships, regular contact is essential. ‘Out of sight, as we well know, is ‘out of mind’. Do be careful, however, to ensure you don’t do ‘overkill.’

Just as a relationship can sour if you phone your spouse or friend six times a day, over-posting on social media can have the same effect. One or two posts per day on the same platform is considered to be the absolute maximum, and probably a few a week is adequate. Always remember to be Consistent will your posts and ask yourself if the content you are creating and posting is adding value to your followers.

Diversify your Marketing Efforts

We have all heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Just like with your offline marketing, you should diversify your online marketing efforts.

Does this mean you should build a presence on every social media site? Definitely not.

What this means is that you should become more focused on who your target audience is. Consider focusing on the customers you WANT to work with. That information will tell you which social networks you should be spending time on.

As you learn more about how to use social media for your small business, the social sites you should be on will become almost apparent to you.

If you don’t have a clear understanding about which social networks to be on, it is recommended that you start with a presence on:

  • Facebook (be sure to set up the geotargeting)

  • Instagram (excellent for small business)

  • LinkedIn (like an international Rotary Club!)

  • Twitter (listening to the conversations on Twitter will provide valuable insight)

Once you decide which social networks you will use (start with one or two networks, taking into consideration how much time you have to spend on these networks daily), be sure to promote that content in your other online marketing and PR pieces also!

By diversifying your online marketing, you will expand the reach of your business further than you can even imagine.

Get professional help

We sincerely hope this advice on how SMEs can maximise Social Media Marketing, has been helpful to you. We do suggest, however, that if you don’t have the time or sufficient knowledge to do this effectively, you contact us and let us give you all the advice and help you need.

It’s Virtually Done specialise in assisting SME’s with Social Media Marketing, Social Media Coaching & Social Media Training, as being an SME ourselves, we fully understand the importance of ensuring that your limited advertising resources are working for you in 2020. Together - let’s have a great year!

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