How much is your TIME worth?

Once time is lost, it cannot be regained

Time is a precious commodity in this day and age, it cannot be bought, traded or bartered for. As we all know, once time is lost it cannot be regained.

As a small business owner, you have a million and one things to complete daily, you have e-mails and phone calls to answer, admin stuff needs to be done, post on the various social media platforms, find new leads, work on your business strategy and that’s not to mention actually working too. Even though you are working 18-hour days, you don’t seem to be making any headway in getting those pesky tasks done. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

You are always feeling frustrated, you are exhausted all the time, you feel overwhelmed by the deadlines and schedules which always seem to be around the corner. You are missing family time, you are watching your children grow up without you.

Does this sound familiar to you?

What you need is time.

Time to deal with your customers

Time to search for those new leads

Time to work on your business strategy

Time to grow your business

So, you must be asking yourself, where could you possibly find more time?

Did you know that by hiring a virtual assistant, you can save time? When you hire a virtual assistant, you are not only hiring an experience professional to come and assist you in your business, you’re also building in a support system for you and your business. A good virtual assistant will check in with you and make sure you aren’t doing those tasks that they should be doing. They’ll see how you’re doing, business-wise but also mentally.

Think of all the time you could get back if you gave your virtual assistant the tasks you don’t want to do, can’t do or don’t feel experienced enough to do so that you can go back to doing want you really want to do and that is running your business.

I am sure that you are thinking that hiring a virtual assistant must be expensive, but you are wrong. With no employee benefits, no taxes, overheads or office space costs to cover, hiring a virtual is the most cost-effective way to get support for your business.

So, STOP getting caught up with an ever-growing task list,

STOP working long hours, trying to get work done,

STOP getting overwhelmed and frustrated because you cannot get to everything.

Why don’t you look at your daily task lists, if you had to be honest with yourself, what tasks would you love to give away to someone to do so that you can start working at growing your business?

Time is money, how much is your time worth?

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