How does Social Media Training differ from Coaching?

Updated: Feb 15

The business landscape has taken quite a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What does this mean for businesses post-COVID-19? It means that you need to re-strategise, look at how you can pivot your business online and how to communicate with your audience. How we do business might never be the same again, we need to learn to adjust and grow.

Social Media Marketing is important, even if you are not yet allowed to trade right now, you can still communicate with your audiences, show them that you care and are there for them. If your business is not yet on social media and you cannot afford to hire a social media company to do your social media marketing for your business, why not take this time to hone your skills in this area so that you can yourself ensure that your advertising spend is maximised?

In a recent article, we spoke at length about Social Media Coaching. This article is about Social Media Training and the two are quite different. In essence, Social Media Coaching is a one on one process to teach our clients about Social media marketing as a whole, including strategy, analytics and knowing how to devise Social Media marketing campaigns. Social Media Training, on the other hand, is learning more about the platforms that are available on Social Media and how you can implement it to promote your business.

Why is it important to be trained on the various Social Media platforms?

Each and every platform is uniquely different and offers those wishing to create brand awareness, drive traffic to websites or engage with followers with many options.

Let's take a look at a few platforms that are used for business

Facebook lets you upload pictures and videos for your business. This can be a powerful way to communicate with customers and potential customers, allowing them to see your product or service without going to your premises. You can give tips, advice and even resources that your audience can download.

LinkedIn is a platform that was born as a social network for professionals and companies. Its main objective is to put people in contact who are looking for work synergies and new professional or business opportunities. If you have a company or a business, you can not miss the opportunity to have a presence in this professional network and start working within the Online Marketing strategy of your brand.

Instagram is totally different in that it allows you to build your brand image through pictures and videos. You are now also able to sell your products on Instagram. Instagram Shopping enables you to tag products in your posts and stories to encourage people to purchase.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Social Media training are numerous…

  • Knowing the idiosyncrasies, advantages and disadvantages of each of these platforms helps you to make better-informed decisions as to where to market your services or products.

  • An understanding of each platform will help you figure out where your target audience is hanging out and how best to use those platforms to connect with your target audience.

  • Understanding how each platform works and being able to maximise their benefits is a great way to drive repeat business and to attract new customers

  • The Social Media training offers the step-by-step instructions you need to start building your social media presence across all of the top social networks

  • You develop a social media marketing strategy, incorporating content, social networks and social tools for your business

Consult with the experts

It’s Virtually done are experts in Social Media Training and offer it as part of our comprehensive range of Social Media marketing services. There is a range of individual training modules available and each course comprises either 2 x 2-hour online sessions or 4-hours face to face after the restrictions have been lifted.

Contact us for further advice anytime, or check out our website for the full details of modules and course content.