February Offer: 10% off 1 on 1 Social Media Coaching

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

February Offer on 1 on 1 Social Media Coaching

For February, I am offering 1 on 1 Social Media Coaching with a 10% discount off the usual rate of R 4 000 for 8 hours. To take advantage of this offer, email me on info@virtuallydone.co.za to book your session into February.

What do you get from a 1 on 1 Social Media Coaching session?

Pre-session you will receive a short questionnaire asking you for information about what you would like to cover in the session. I will conduct a mini-audit of your platforms as they stand and prepare for your session.

What happens in the 1 on 1 session:

The session can be held in your home, office, a café or suitable local venue. We will require a Wi-Fi connection for the session. We will run through the topics you would like to cover, and I will give hands-on advice to help you with your particular stresses around social media.

The session can also be delivered via Skype or Zoom, but a stable, fast Wi-Fi connection is required.

I will tailor it to your level of expertise or confidence you have in social media and no question is too silly or basic. Social media is complex and time-consuming. I will aim to increase your understanding and help you progress on your social media journey.

My minimum session time is 8 hours as typically there is a lot to go through, and on occasion, I may have to suggest an additional time if you have a lot to cover off.

Post 1 on 1 Social Media Coaching session:

I provide notes backing up my sessions detailing Tips, Actions, Next Steps and useful apps and tools appropriate to your requirements.

If you have questions or would like to find out more, email me quoting FEBRUARYOFFER.

Contact Information: sharon@virtuallydone.co.za/ 0833950953

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