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Updated: Sep 17, 2018

I’ve only been a virtual assistant for 2½ months, and I love every moment. What makes it enjoyable, is that the work you do is very seldom the same every day and you get to meet and work with some awesome people, who are entrepreneurs and have created amazing professions for themselves.

I’ve been fortunate, two weeks after I started my business It’s Virtually Done, I met a fascinating man whose job is to communicate with pictures. I’m talking about graphic facilitator/ recorder Colin Horner from Visual Thinking SA. Visual Thinking has been at the forefront of information management products and techniques in South Africa for over ten years.

Visual Thinking SA offers the following products and services:


• Mindjet MindManager

• Topic Tracker

• Map for MindManager

• Goalscape


• Graphic Facilitation

• Graphic recording

• Consultation

• Training

People remember pictures, so what better way is there to convey complex issues quickly and easily but through creating images.

So what are graphic facilitation and graphic recording?

Graphic facilitation happens when the image maker is also leading and directing a meeting. With graphic facilitation, a facilitator leads a small group of people such as a committee, team, or a board through a process that helps them make decisions. A graphic facilitator designs the format of the conversation and draws it out visually as he/ she leads it. Attendees often contribute to the visual communication through the use of sticky notes or notepads.

Graphic recording is the art of translating a conversation, public address, presentation, or panel into words and images in real time. Images can be created with marker pens on large pieces of paper or hand-drawn on an iPad and projected on a screen.

What are the benefits of graphic facilitation & recording:

• Promotes Clear Thinking

• Provides Group Memory

• Help Group Focus and Track

• Increased Creativity

• Greater Efficiency and Productivity

• Greater Memory Retention and Comprehension

• Seeing the Big Picture

Have you ever heard the English idiom “picture is worth a thousand words” or “picture paints a thousand words”?

What does that mean?

• a picture conveys information more effectively than words

• a picture can tell a story just as well as many words

• using graphics can express ideas more effectively than a large number of words

• graphic illustration conveys stronger messages than words

So for your next meeting, seminars, strategy meeting or brainstorming session, why don’t you use a graphic facilitator or recorder to help you create content that is memorable, easy to understand and productive.

You can contact Colin Horner from Visual Thinking SA for more information on how he can assist you at your next important meeting.

Tel: +27 833275719



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